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“With the advent of a new millennia it was inevitable that a new voice would also appear.“ These words on the back of the Ondas 2020 Collection book lay claim to the notion that the words, comments, and thoughts you will find as part of the Tito’s Ondas collection are as unique as any you have ever read or seen before. Coupled with the idea that these “Ondas” reflect an entirely new genre of writing, the expressions are amplified with messaging that resonates within the psyche.

Tito’s Ondas website is dedicated to achieving one single purpose: to create the synergy necessary to achieve its primary goal which is to: Share them (Ondas) with the world. In addition to the posting of an “Onda-of-the-Day,” along with supporting mini-essays and narratives, through the website’s Blog, the world will be encouraged to come and post their own “Ondas” on the site so that eventually TitosOndas.com becomes the depository of “Ondas” from throughout the world.

Consequently, a recurring theme with Tito’s Ondas is the call to action: “Share them with the world.” If you run across any “Ondas” whose message could help someone you know, share the “Onda” with that person. The act will earn you good Karma, as well as hopefully serve to help the person targeted by a particular “Onda.” Simply put, “Ondas” are meant to be shared, so please share them.

The titosondas.com website will also be used to promote the notion that people throughout the world think, feel, and want in the same way. The promotion of “Ondas” is a way to establish that a common bond exists among all humans, regardless of religious beliefs, cultural influences, or societal norms. “Ondas” are insights and insights are “Ondas.” Just as everyone experiences insights, they also experience “Ondas.”

The titosondas.com website will offer links with opportunities for you to purchase books (print, e-book, and audio) as well as “Ondas” messaging on various media. No successful enterprise can survive without revenue and the hope is that some will see fit to purchase “Ondas” items, enabling the generation of revenue to pursue the goal of continuing to share Ondas throughout the world, in as many languages as necessary and to reach as many people as possible throughout the world.

Tito’s Ondas is meant for you, but they are also meant to be shared with everyone else you think may need to hear the messaging too.


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